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Thursday, April 23, 2009
what i have been doing..
7:11 PM

i went back to taiwan on the 20th of march.
i will have to wait for two to three years before i can go back again.
i went to china too. to meet my cousins.
two in uni and one still studying in primary.
the previous time i visited was like 7 to 8 years ago.
time really flies. cant time just stop for awhile?
came back to singapore on the 18th of april.

YESTERDAY went dinner with kok ping and shikang.
after eating walked around in bugis then go home..

its been a year in poly. my wishes for the first year was not meet.
now its already the second year i hope i will my wish will come true.
school is normal. but its becoming more and more stress.
but its nothing compare to the present crisis around the world.
so nothing to complain.

will post again as soon as possible.



那一条牙膏 在对我傻笑
想睡就睡 想闹就闹

蓝色的碗盘 多买了一套
要多少替代的丑角 无辜的陪笑

我在搞笑 借着热闹 掩盖着心跳
边哭边笑 偏要说着 一个人真好
当人群散了 突然觉得我可以死掉

还在搞笑 害怕回家 不知怎么熬
这么多年 早就喜欢 有你的撒娇
我想我能熬 但是至少要让我知道

我们的小狗 食量变好小
他习惯睡觉的床位 少了一双脚

我在搞笑 借着热闹 掩盖着心跳
边哭边笑 偏要说着 一个人真好
当人群散了 突然觉得我可以死掉

我在搞笑 却在最后 眼泪拼命掉
你的离开 失去多少 我计算不了
忙完了一天 突然觉得又何必辛劳

还在搞笑 是否拥有 麻痹的疗效
唱一夜歌 却避不开 催泪的曲调
我彻夜胡闹 希望听到有人会提到


Wednesday, March 18, 2009
8:45 PM

HOHOHO.. nothing much happen..
went for dance lesson.. the basic dance exam..
passed well.. thanks to kok ping and leon i guess..
they help me with my "freestyle." pretty good..

anw.. went out today with kok ping and shi kang..
caught a movie.. *PUSH* VERY NICE..
after the movie kok ping kept imitating the person with the power..
LOL.. then went to eat at pepper lunch the food alright lah..
quite nice.. lol.. then went to toa payoh to talk with boss.. and some people..
then went home..

gonna play with kok ping and shikang later.. i hope in another 5 to 10 mins..
will post again.. soon.. very soon..

which is friday.. goodbye to all.. =]

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
1:18 AM

its been a month many things happen..
my gems exam, my aunt came and year end exam is still on going..
sad.. still got one week.. wth... siannn....
so... everythings ok with me.. just that i still cant find my ice cream..
still looking for it.. hope i find it some day.. soon.. hopefully sooner than soon..

just have been walking around and looking around.. hunting.. guess i am not a very good hunter..
i don't know the right technique i guess any pros out there.. if you know how to help me please tell me.. i will be very grateful.. lol..
hmmm... siann... today just finish one exam..
digital electronics.. quite ok.. i can do.. and it is alittle last minute but i still can manage..

for the next two two papers maybe not so easy..
especially PEEE.... the hardest subject.. for me..
need study if not die.. lol..

then for another subject IE...
we recently just finish designing a car..
lol.. we design a car man.. that can count up then count down when go through tunnel.. lol..
then my group go competition lehh.. but never win the other group too pro not we noob..
so still ok.. never throw face.. hahhaha...

anw.. just now play dota..
i know no live.. but nothing else to do..
play liao then kana own like nobody business.. not really alot lah...
i got kill ppl also.. not alot of times but at least got kill..

siann got to study again..

will post sooner.. happy belated valentine's cum total defence cum friendship day to all...

Saturday, January 17, 2009
trying to stop my blog from dieing.. =]
7:55 PM

its been long.. since i last posted.. yupp..
its been very long..
i was busy... yah.. very busy..

Then i went overseas during my holidays..
i went to hong kong.. HONGKONG...
imagine that.. its HONG KONG!!!!(the air there is bad.. real bad..)
haha... i went to some parts of china too..
it was great.. better than i expected..
the hotel i stayed in hong kong was OMG!!..
the place is too good to be true.. its call the W hotel..
MUST TRY.. i'm not getting pay for this.. i am stating the fact..
i went to MACAU too..
the hotel there is GOOD too..
its called the VENETIAN Macao-Resort-Hotel...
like palace.. got casino at the first floor..
go check their webs.. for both hotels...
i will start saving up.. i will go again some time..
those that wishes to go along.. save up first..

the food in hong kong is also very nice..
the place is fun...
the dim sum there is good..
the food there is also good..
i went to foot massage..
it was.. good.. very good..
the the restuants there is bigg.... very big..
room by room.. then not that expensive.. yah..

before all this i went to taipei and hua lian..
the place is also very good.. the hotel in hua lian is VERY VERY GOOD..
the hotel in taipei is not as good but still ok..
but both are comparable to the ones at hong kong and macau..
maybe because they are new..
just open last year.. its only afew months..
anw.. its fun in taipei and hua lian.. with my mom's friends..
the view was good.. and the shopping there is good too..
i bought many many things.. and one jacket which is my favourite..

i came back to singapore on the 27 of december 2008.
kinda sad.. cos i dint spend much time in taiwan..
hope holidays come faster.. then i will be able to go back again..
there is still 5 to 6 weeks more to the next holiday..
thats why i love poly life.. hahahahaha...

got to stop here.. 4 more weeks to my examinations.. got to study but not now..
i am going to rest.. after thinking for so long.. LOL..
will post again.. i hope.. so wait for the next post then..



Friday, October 17, 2008
9:22 PM


anw.. was busy with school and part timing..=]
start school alrdy.. the new modules are quite fun..
then work also quite fun..

during the holidays was the best..
i went overseas alone.. as in with my friends..
went to Jakarta to visit another friend.. haha
his house is bigg.. as in BIG!!!
super big.. got his own pool.. (both meanings)
got his own table tennis table.. got 5 maid 2 driver..
movie theater......

and got tennis court also.. basketball court... soccer field..
near his house..

the food there is also nice but quite alot of beef and mutton..
which i cannot eat.. SAD!
i went there for one week..
i was dizzy the first night i reach..

we sleep late and eat late..
we ate indo mee sometimes at 2 sometimes at 4 sometimes at 6..
then go to sleep.. LOLS!!!
but quite fun..

my whole vacation was working and one week of jakarta..
i will stop here will try to post more often..
got to study.. =]

Tuesday, August 19, 2008
what happen yesterday ( 18th August 2008)
1:48 PM

In the morning woke up eat some kuae.. then went to school with my sista..
took a taxi there.. in the taxi feel very weird feel like vomiting..
then reach school stop at W5.. where my sista have to pass up her project thing.
so she went in i waited outside for her.. i was studying.. then a mosquito came..
wanting to suck my blood.. so i move to another spot.. another mosquito came..
so i move to the staircase at the car park.. there wasn't mosquito but there are ants..
but i dint bothered them as they don't bite.. so i continue studying..

until my stomach hurts then i went to the toilet..
i was scared two time in the toilet first was when i went in and the second was when i came out..
when i came out my sista had hand in of her project work..
so my sista, her friend and i took off to city hall........

we reach city hall mrt station thinking of wad to eat..
so we walk around.. walked to raffles link then walk around in the basement..
to find food..

while finding..
saw jie ning and jocelyn..
they called me and i was like..who the hell..(in my head lah)
then i oohhhh.. hello..
i dint know it was them until i walk nearer..
jie ning said she took off her braces which i never noticed..

ANW.. after seeing them i continue our search for my food..
couldn't find..so we walk to city link..
again to find food.. we stop at almost every restaurant we passed..
saw the 8 inches hamburger..
but couldn't try as it is BEEF.. looks small to me..Xp..
then we continue walked heading to marina square.. to eat..
after all the links we reached marina square..
then walked around..
then we settled ourselves at a very secretive place..

so we ordered..

and waited so i took out my book see see abit..
when the dish is served i put my book back into my bag..lols..
so started eating and all..
i'll skip the eating part..
but i must say the mango strawberry ice tea is like OMG..
not bad.!!!..

after eating.. i went to cut my hair..
at a place i never knew singapore have..
so i went in.. sit down.. and wait..
then the stylist came.. he talked to me..
ask me how i want my hair to be like so i said i want to have a new look..
then he told me he's going to cut like got slope on top of me from left to right..
then i was like can't catch any balls(catch no balls= cant understand.)
he say it will be nice so i was like ok then..

first the person came to wash my hair..
it was not bad.. can make it..
the he came to cut my hair..
he cut and cut and cut..
i was looking at i t change..
i think i look funny.. very funny..
so i laugh.. not too loud but just nice..

after the cut went back to wash hair..
woohooo.. shoik.. wash..
then ok liao.. he style my hair..
then make slope.. i think if those ppl from "meet dave really do exist then can play skating on my hair.. LOLS.. HAHAHAHAHA...
after the styling i think weird but no choice.. also cut already..
so i pay loh.. overall the washing is the best!!
then went off..
before going off another of my sista's fren came..

then we walk off.. wanting to watch movie..
but no timing is good.. so went for tea..
at the secret place again..lols..
ate brownie lah.. like nice like that..
after eating and all go back home..
i can see my mom dont really like my new hair style..
anw.. i eat dinner..
then went for movie.. "meet dave"
not a bad show.. funny..
then after movie go ntuc buy food..
but this time never eat..
so went home.. raining.. but got umbrella..
reached home then watch tv.. "vampire bats"
not a bad show also..

then i go shower and then go study again..
study study study..
till about 1 plus going two then sleep..
lols.. exam is on wednesday.. so have to study more..
"study study study more study more" Britney song..
XD.. guess wad song it is.. lols..

will post again.. jux wait.. =]
PS: will cut my hair again today..
so sorry if u cant see this hair style.. Xp

Tuesday, July 22, 2008
11:28 PM

this blog feel so dead.. i am too busy to post lately.. for this i must apologize.. "it's too late to apologize, too late... i said it's too late to apologize, too late..." SO?! you think i care? lols.. sorry, was talking to myself.. anw.. school really busy these few days.. busy with homework.. starting to get into it.. kinda hard to catch up.. but i can do it!! there is one nice thing that happened a very nice thing.. my boss, where i work at for part time.. treat many of us( the part-timers & friends) to KBOX.. wooohooo.. we went at about 10 plus.. 11 o'clock.. there are about 12 to 13 people, a lot!! then we sing and sing and sing.. then i went home at around 1 plus.. going 2.. reach home then sleep.. anw.. the shop i am part-timing is at TPY.. oolong tea shop.. the tea arh.. all natural one.. no colouring , no FATS , no nothing.. and it is all the way from Taiwan.. so do drop by and buy one cup.. u wont regret.. oh ya.. the boss is super good.. kind and all.. he got the friendly look..
btw.. it's a must to drop by to visit the shop.. hehe.. "wait for my next post..!!!" =p.. takecare to all who is reading.. =]

Friday, June 27, 2008
my story
12:02 AM

OMG.. so many days have passed.. hoilday over.. school start.. got exam.. busy on both work and study.. lols.. 17 days have passed.. and i did many things.. i went to a office at Eunos.. a retailing job.. the job make me call friends on my phone book.. at first i feel damn paiseh.. but now.. i take it as i am just keeping in touch with them.. and i found out that sometimes calling everyone in your phone book is important.. and yet fun.. not only can keep in touch.. u can also have one more person to help u when u need help.. lols.. but anw.. i called some and not all.. cos its only people below the age of 17.. so to my friends that are reading dont get the wrong idea u guys are in my contacts.. anw.. that was one of the things i did..my mom also left the country and went to Taiwan my hometown!! yah.. the day she go back is the start of our freedom.. so i played Mahjong twice once was on my sister's birthday.. on 23rd June then the other was on 25th June.. both i lost.. but on the 25th i lost alot!!! lost about 40 dollars.. sad hor.. anw that was also something i did lah.. i also have exam so called the mid semester test.. got 4 exam.. tomorrow last paper!! yeah!! but still need study.. many people is like study for exam then after exam holiday.. but mine is exam over then start school.. lols.. that was just some major things that happen in this 17 days.. those minor thing like sleeping and all are as usual.. ehh.. nope.. i didnt sleep for one day!!! eat , drink and all same.. anw.. i need to rest now.. will post again.. =]